TALENTED Poets 2012-13

Class 4 have been writing poems using the theme ‘Finding a Voice’

Dancing Bears ~ Taylie                                    

Glistening money used for the good of all bears,

Imagine the gleeful charity realising this person cares

The handsome bear is watched by all

His pride-filled owner knows his fame will never fall.

Despite the joy, the needed freedom is still not there

The bear is forced … it’s just not fair!

People say the danger is no more

But, trust me, it’s not … it’s still worse than ever before …

Dancing Bears – Hayden

The fantastically amazing dancing bear entertains all

The epic entertainment will make you fall

The bears are small, medium and tall.

The horribleness – it will make you sick

It’s funny because his name is Nick

Oh why, oh why, do you think it’s cruel

If you don’t understand, you must be thick!

To a fur scarf ~ Ben 

Tortured by terrible traps

Oblivious to the traps laid before him.

Angry, trying to move further,

Feral foxes soon become humble servants,

Understanding, he has been trapped

Restricted from moving for hours on end.

Sacrificing his leg,

Carefully trying not to move,

Aftermath of iron laid on his leg,

Resting now due to exhaustion

Fearful of death, he now is!

To a fur scarf – Deanna 

Trap, jaws lying in front of me,

Oblivious to the danger, I walk on … too late,

A searing pain coursing through my body

Fox’s blood travels up my all too keen nose,

Under the moonlight, I howl,

Realising what will happen to me.

Struggling trying to get free,

Cold-hearted men walk towards me,

As I finally lay, still whimpering,

Ruefully staring up at them …

Flinching as I am skinned, humiliated and hurt … my life is over!

The Beast – Niamh, Maciej, Thomas G, Acer and George

Tiger, Tiger with razor-sharp claws,

Enormous eyes and powerful jaws,

On antelope you like to feast,

Some say you are a savage beast!

Tyger Poem – Katie

Tyger, look at you with sorrow, Then you try to cry and borrow,

If you have any tyger skin, Then, please, please, throw it in the bin.

Tyger, you are such  beast, Come and have a midnight feast.

You have very pretty fur, Don’t run too fast or it will blur!

The Sad Beast – Kyle

As you hear the Tyger yelp, You can make out, “Help, Help!”

Knowing they will take his fur, The Tyger took his last purr.

The Tyger has nothing left, not even his passion, The Tyger groans as he goes to fashion.

Now the Tyger has been killed, The hunters’ stomachs have been filled.

The Tyger’s now been skinned, His carcass has been binned,

All the shops have his claws, But no-one has kept his paws!

Tiger Poem – Paige

Tonight, the great fiery beast, Will be the evil feast.

You could see the fire, But, most of all you can see the desire.

They kept the jaws, But they sold the claws,

Kind people felt the sorrow, Whilst the evil hunters sells tomorrow.

Class 4 visited Coldham Wind Farm

Trouble maker!

Ugly sight!

Ripping nature!

Because so white!

In the earth!

Noisy breather!

Evil tower!

Such a deceiver!

Evil Blades – Holly D

Turbine, how you stand tall!

Turbine, how you watch us all!

Woosh, Woosh! Go the blades!

Disturbing passers-by on their way,

A swan flies gracefully through the blades …

Oh NO!

He’s gone up in the sky – goodbye!

Oh Turbine, gleaming bright,

What an ugly sight …

Are you the murderer?

Turbine, Turbine! – Taylie

Turbine, turbine, gleaming bright! Although you’re not a pretty sight, And though above birds you fright, You’re still a turbine gleaming bright!

Turbine, turbine, eco-friendly, You’re producing energy daily, But still people are hating mainly, Turbine, turbine, eco-friendly!

Turbine, turbine, you bring fresh air, Many people still don’t care. Get rid of turbines? they scream, “Yeah!” Turbine, turbine, you bring fresh air

Turbine, turbine, gleaming bright! Although you’re not a pretty sight, And though above birds you fright, You’re still a turbine gleaming bright!

22 thoughts on “TALENTED Poets 2012-13

  1. I agree with Taylie! 🙂 I really like the rhymes too! I also like that all of the poems are full of emotion and feelings. x

  2. I agree with everyone else, all the poems are fantastic and they should be published.

    (Hey Joshua, they have been published – here on the class blog which is on the world wide web! Mr H 🙂 )

  3. All the Poems were great. They all had such brilliant meanings. Some were sad but they were all great! I really enjoyed doing this work !!!!!!!!! X 🙂 🙂

  4. These poems are epic! They have such meaning! Everyone should be proud of themselves not just the people with their poem on the blog but everyone! We wouldn’t be so talented about poetry without Mr H!! 😀

  5. i just can’t get enough of these emotional poems :), I read them over and over again. Then I feel sorry for the animals! 🙁

  6. Congrats on a awesome poem im glad i was able to read it

    oh ya evil ducky >:U

    Ryan C from davison

  7. Katie, I have a hug and a wish for you.

    My hug is that you used capitals.
    My wish is that you would have used (a) when it says ” you are such beast”

    ( “you are such a beast”)

  8. tiger poem paige
    1 wish is that i would like you to use more decribing word and 1 hug is that i like how it was interesting and fun to read

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