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Here are the entries on the FBPS Blog for 2016-17:

The School’s Magic Teacher

As school started, I realised that it was Magic day tomorrow! As Mr. Hales announced, a gush of wind threw everything to the ground. When there was calm and silence, Mr. Hales said,

“This school will be hosting a magic competition, whoever wins will be the star pupil”.

“There will be 3 spells to complete:

A love spell,

A shrinking spell

And an invisibility spell!”

As all the ingredients were put in, Charlotte knocked a whole tub of scales in.

Another gush of wind flew in and knocked him off his feet! In a puff of smoke, Mr. Hales disappeared!

By Olivia

The Wizard of the School

Mr Hales, the wizard of the school, was teaching a science class, the young witches and wizards were amazed at it and Mr Hales said,

“I will be giving a day off to the child that wins the international competition!!”

Practice, Practice and more practice, the day of the competition came,

Potion 1- Love Potion

Potion 2- Invisibility

“The winner gets a day off from school, with a friend of their choice!”

The best witch, Mildred Hubble Bubble, won the competition.

“Me, Mildred, I’m your best friend!” They all shouted.

“I pick Mr Hales, because he is so great at wizarding!”

They had a great bond together, Mildred became the best witch in the world!

By Charlotte

What do teachers do after retirement?

Could they be rap stars?

Or could they work at bars,

Could they sit at home watching telly?

But that would make them grow a big belly,

And Mr Hales said,

I will just lie in bed,

One day he lay there,

Without any cares.

His brain wasn’t the same

And he went back to school to learn again.

He went in the little kids,

Just to make a couple of quids,

Before long he went home,

And Mr Hales

I will just send a clone,

This life is just for me!

By Louise



Our last 100WC of this school!

But, before we publish, we would like to say a BIG thank you to Julia Skinner for all her hard work! It is a fantastic global project and one that we hope continues.

Week #38

The stimulus was

…now what do I need? …

100 Word Challenge- by Charlie Coote


What To Do


I want to write a poem,

But I have a problem you see,

I don’t know what to put in,

I wonder- now what do I need?


I might need some adverbials,

And definitely some similes,

But I think to myself,

What else could I possibly need?


I took a long hard think,

And a massive sip of my drink,

Suddenly I thought,

I’ve got a great idea,

I just won’t write a poem,

Instead I’ll watch TV!

I want to make some soup,
But what do I need,
I don’t have a lot of food,
But I have enough to feed.
I have sauce,
I have veg,
Of course,
I won’t need bread.
I might need a tomato,
I might want some meat,
What about a carrot though,
As long as we can eat.

By Caitlyn Branch

Emoji Park

Life in an iPhone is great! With all of the Emojis walking around the world inside, you have loads of friends and family. But everyone is different in their own way, one of the things that is the same in Emoji Land and in the human world is… there is a lot of homeless emojis in Emoji Land and one them is in a park.  Mr Emo is an emoji that is homeless and lives on a small, brown, rickety bench! Just then; as Mr Emo was sitting on his smelly old bench, another emoji sat by his side. He sat with a smile upon his fat, yellow face and looked directly at Mr Emo. “ Are you ok?” The stranger emoji said. “Urrrr…” Mr Emo stumbled. He had never had such a lovely emoji talk to him before. If ever you see a homeless human in the world, talk to them and make them feel welcome in your heart.

By Pretty Much Macy and Some of Amelia

One beautiful sunny morning, I asked my mum whether we could go to the beach. Of course she said yes! As I was playing a game I thought to myself what would we do? So I came up with a huge list of all the possible positive things like, building sandcastles, ball games! After I asked if I could bring one of my friends! I got a bag and thought to myself …What Do I Need?…

Swimming things for the beach, Things to play with and watch for on the way, What now? Oh I know just what I need!

by Olivia

The Scientist.

It was a dark and stormy night; a lone, male, middle-aged scientist was mixing some chemicals. “Okay so, Nitroglicigal acid and totominaci gas makes a liquid solution!” Muttered the scientist in his scientific language. “Now, what do I need? AH the glucinium ice!” He shouted before spilling the try of glucinium ice. The liquid bubbled. Then the scientist screamed in horror, then pain, then nothing…

By Sean (Roald Dahl Junior)

The Cake

 Now what do I need?

Earlier today, Lola was baking a cake. It was gonna be the best cake ever! She had all the ingredients layer out in front of her: eggs, flour, butter and sugar. Despite this, she thought she was missing something but just left it. The cake went in the oven. Approximately 10 minutes later, the cake exploded! Now what did I need again.?

 By Louise & Letaya


Visit to Kanturk in Southern Ireland to meet the boys of St Coleman’s BN School



Mr Hales was delighted to be able to visit Mrs Boyce’s Class at St Coleman’s. Class 4 and the boys have linked through the 100WC, as an eTwinning project. It was great to meet everyone in person and bring the project into reality! Class 4 were given a special 100WC Book which includes an entry from every boy in the class. Mr Hales also heard the class band and raised the flag for the Green Award.

Latest prompt

This time we have a very gooey prompt!

…the slime dripped through …

Things to think about:

Where are you?

Is there supposed to be slime?

Where has it come from?

What colour is it?

Does it smell?

What are the consequences of this happening?

The School Mystery

On Tuesday 3rd May 2001, a slime flood broke out into our School. It was a brown slime surprise for the janitor who entered in his pyjamas! All of a sudden, out of the blue, a magnificently big slime monster stood in the hall way with multi-colour slime dripping and dangling from him. He had an ear-piercing screech!!!

What Happened Next?

 By Ruby, Harry & Olivia

The unspeakable

The slime dripped through the roof and disintegrated the floor below. I thought what could it be aliens, monsters … snot? I went into the shed to get a ladder so I could climb onto the roof and see what was up there. When I got up there I saw the unspeakable… it was my dog drooling!

By Swailey and John

The Slime Disaster

In the science museum, a mad scientist failed at an experiment – a slime experiment. The slime dripped through the floor and into a dangerous bomb which exploded and made the situation worse! The city was covered in a range of coloured slime. The scientist got third degree burns from the activator ‘Borax’.

 By Charlotte T


Through the Wall

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they going?
  • What is the setting?
  • What would it feel like to walk through a wall

Walking through the empty school, I searched everywhere for my coat, but there was no sign of it. There was one place left to look, the assembly hall. As I entered the room, I felt a sudden gust of air, the window had been left open.  I went to close it and  tried to stand on a chair, but it slipped. I hit the wall and then it was gone. Examining it, I fell and I was in a shaded room, but what had happened? I felt something grab my arm, then I found myself in my bed with chicken.

By Caitlyn

Glowing in the distance!

Creeping through the portal, they saw an eerie, horrific house glowing in the distance; they go by the names of Ronny and Richard. Edging towards the house, the light got brighter and brighter. Once they reached it, a outline of a figure appeared. It seemed to be disordered with about eight arms from what they could make out.

“ARGH!!!” bellowed Richard. However, Ronny tried to stayed strong. He couldn’t last any longer. He bolted it. Richard tried to find him but it was no use.He lost his friend forever!

By Louise and Letaya

Game Glitches

“And we’re back with the game!” Jeff said excitedly.

“Gimme the money!” Tommy said, wanting to have a million pounds already.

“You’re not getting it that quickly, chap.” Jeff replied.

Tommy brought up a keyboard and put an emoji over his head. He was sad. Jeff looked around, he saw some NPC’s in a wall.

“Glitches, look, their textures have bugged out and they’re in a wall.”

“Hehe…” Tommy laughs.

“Put them out of their misery.” Jeff moaned.

“Nah, let’s leave.” Tommy laughed.

“Yeah, they’ll get to the shop soon enough.” Jeff agreed.

By Sean and Jack


100WC: #Week 21 – Class 4 have written short 50 word pieces in response to this stimulus. They hope that their eTwinning friends in Ireland will comment.

…suddenly all the lights went out…

Questions to ask:

Where are you? Why do you need lights? How do you feel in the dark?


The attack of Godzilla and King Kong at the same time

USA was a calm peaceful country until they heard a enormous noises. Suddenly, all the lights went off. Something was coming from the sky and the sea. It was Godzilla and King Kong. Together, they trashed America  until this hero came. It was not Batman, not Superman – it was Metal Man! He was unstoppable. He defeated them. America was saved or was it?

By Jack

The Basement

I was all alone in the basement! I heard a sort of whispering saying, “See you!” Suddenly all the
lights turned off. I reached out to get the matches and they were already put into my hands! I tried
to get out of the basement but the doors were locked! I looked behind me and there was a lady
who was out of this world creepy who was staring at me! All I knew at that moment was that I
was in big big trouble!
By Daniel & John

The Feel
My sister and I was in my room. We were annoyed because our mum and dad were going out for
a date night at the cinema and we were going to be baby sat by our horrifying Nan called Lizzie.
We started to walk downstairs, we heard a voice, we ran back upstairs. Suddenly the lights went
out, someone wrapped their arms around me…..

By Kayleigh and Letaya

The Spooky Night

There was a teenager called Mike. Hhe was at home alone, whilst his parents went into town.
Whilst he was in the living room and he thought to himself “I’m going to play a video game
for a while.” So he did. Later on, he heard a weird sound – it was like a flickering sound. He
crept out of his room. Nothing was out there and it went silent. He walked back to his room. It
started again. He thought ‘that’s odd’ and then suddenly the lights went out.He was in
complete darkness. He found a torch. He went towards the power box then…

What do you think will happen??

By Sammy-Jo & Sophie

The man named Dave

Dave was an ordinary man who lived in a ordinary
town. He lived in a house with his children and wife and
a dog named Bob. He was usually seen eating soup, when all
the lights go out in the town. Everyone is always
scared because they see the ghost of the shadows and
some say it is Dave.

At sun set

As the sun set, I found myself in a unfamiliar part of the old forest. In the corner of my eye, I saw a
mansion (it looked abandoned.) Getting closer and closer, I saw the door was wide open. Poking
my head inside, I saw paper with writing on it. Suddenly the lights went out…

By Chelsea and Caitlyn

Terror Tunnel
Bang, puff puff, went the mossy-covered steam engine. As I dashed through the long, thin corridor
something felt weird. For one thing this tank engine had a truck. Puff puff puff, through a tunnel.
Suddenly all the lights went out, I was terrified, when I saw a ghost. Everyone screamed. The
engine puffed out into the sunlight. No more Terror Tunnel!

By Callum


We were in prison. Suddenly the lights went out!

“ESCAPE, ESCAPE!” shouted the prisoners.

We didn’t listen we’ve learnt our lesson from robbing banks to hitting old ladies.

“No, don’t escape your sentence will become longer!” my cell mate and I  shouted.

Our sentence ended. We were free at last!

by Charlotte and Poppie S

The Park

It was a nice summer’s day when we was at the park playing on the swings.

It was getting late so we went back home to have dinner. So my mum was just about to

make it, when all of a suddenly the lights went out and mum couldn’t make us dinner!

“Why did the lights go out?!”

By Kacey and Lily-May

My Brain
Here goes another hour long lesson in class 5. Mr Hall is teaching another boring
Italian lesson and I’m falling half asleep again. Suddenly I hear the words ‘We are
going to be designing pizzas!’ I can’t have just heard that!!! I go through a tunnel of
ideas then all the lights go out in my brain. He actually said we’ll be designing and
making canes. I shout, ‘You boring old Man.’ ‘What did you say’, Mr Hall asked
furiously. ‘Sorry, it was my bad brain’, I reply.
By Charlie (sorry for the 91 words) (Any resemblance to today’s lesson is completely coincidental)

Since camping

 Deep inside the forest, three young campers sit telling horrifying story’s to each other. After a while they started to get more and more tired. Suddenly the lights went out, the camp fire and all the torches. And behind them they heard an eerie noise like something they’ve never heard before.

“Lizzy, eh what was that?” James whimpered stumbling over his words.

Unexpectedly they came back on.

“How peculiar,” mumbled Elizabeth.

“Wait! Where’s William?” Screeched James.

Then they heard an ear piercing scream from the distance…

 By Harry, Louise and Ruby

Alone At Night

One evening, when the moon was shining bright, I was stood in the middle of my room. There was a
knock on the door. SUDDENLY the lights went out. It was petrifying. It scared the life out of me.
SCREECH! I never ever want to be left alone again!
As dawn came, I realised who it could have been. MY UNCLE… he always knocks really hard and
loud. Although that doesn’t explain why the lights went out…
It’s dark once again!

By Olivia

100WC – Week #12      


This week’s photograph has caused lots of interest and discussion. Here are some of Class 4’s writing ~

The pot… of Doom (Anything can be made better by adding ‘of doom’ on the end)

Once upon a time, there was a huge man-eating pot! Its face looked as ugly as a cow’s behind. It roamed around the town of Townsville and every time it spotted a human, the Pot would jump on him and swallow him whole but leave the poor human’s legs in the top of his head.

Fortunately to all the human’s delight, there was a magical storm and anything that the lightning struck would turn to stone. On this delightful day, the pot was sitting in a beautiful garden on a black block near a cafe. Suddenly the pot was struck by lightning and his rainbow-coloured blood splattered out of him. He was turned to stone!

By Charlie + Jacob 😏

Pot Terror

In Asia, my mate, Jack, and I were on holiday. We saw a pot that was very creepy and had two glowing, yellow eyes and a creepy smile. In the pot, there were legs made out of tooth paste – well, that was what it looked like because of the colours. We didn’t know how it got there but it looked ominous. Then it got insane because it started to hypnotise us and our bodies felt like rag dolls. Suddenly it made us do menacing things like tripping people over and assaulting people. Eventually it all snapped out like nothing happened and the pot was not
where it was. Weird? Crazy? Unreal?

By Harry and Jack

Legs In A Plant Pot!

One day , I was walking along the path at my local park when I saw these strange legs coming from a pot. On the front of the pot there was a weird Aztec-looking face standing on a black stand by the shop. I walked to the shop and asked the shopkeeper how it got there and she said that it was built by the Aztecs but no one knew when it was built. The lady said that in a million years it would come alive and move to another destination.

By Kacey

Toothpaste Legs

In a mysterious park there lies the amazing toothpaste legs sitting in a red face Aztec plant pot. It was transported through time. In the next fifty years, it will become a human. It looks like plastic legs being blown with air. Inside the pot is a magical place full of comfy pillows and rainbows and a random unicorn in a DJ outfit.

By Swailey and Letaya

The Mysterious Pot

Last Tuesday Maria  was walking in a giant park when she saw an ancient pot in the back of a cafe. The pot looked like an angry man from the Aztec times. It was dark orange with bulging yellow eyes and luminous white teeth. There was a beautiful flower garden in the background. Some of the flowers were roses, daffodils and sunflowers.

By Maria

The alive mannequins 

It was just a normal day in Gloomsdale. It was a fantastic day. There were some girls running towards the woods to explore and they didn’t know what to expect in the woods. There are weird stuff that happens in the woods. Although the woods looked normal, the further they ventured, the more weirder it became. They saw a big pot that had a red face as a furious as a person, yellow eyes and strange mannequin legs sticking out. It was so weird because their legs weren’t moving.

By Sammy-Jo and Caitlyn

Peculiar Pot 

 One day, as I was walking through the park, I noticed there was a new area surrounded by a large gate. In the gate there was peculiar looking pot. Its bright, yellow, bulging eyes stared into my soul. In the pot there were, well it looked like, some legs covered in paint. I had never seen anything like it. The magnificent pot stood there like a statue. As I thought to myself, it started to be more clearer. One of the most amazing sculptors of all time must have made it. I think it will still be standing for years to come.

By Olivia

The Nasty Island

 As we walked to our boat, we were scared and frightened. We were alone and only had each other to support one another. Old Miss Peepigin was the head of our boarding school. We hated her and ran away. She caned us for getting up at night ,even if we needed the toilet. Now that we have escaped we needed to find an island that nobody lived on.

We had arrived. The first thing we saw were Bones shattered, skulls hanging from cacti and broken, sharp trees. We wanted to know what caused this so we started an investigation.

 We eventually reached the plant that was causing this distraction. Anyone that walked in front of the yellow eyes, would face the consequences that they have made. We could see people’s legs amputated inside the plant pot sticking out…we are so dead!

By Macy & Amelia 

The Mysterious Pot

I woke up like any other day but  I was going on a hike today. I got up and got ready and then set off. It had been 10 minutes and I was already in the middle of nowhere and then I saw it a red mysterious pot. It had legs covered in paint sticking out. Its eyes looked into my soul with its sharp narrowed teeth. It must have been built in  the olden times. The legs looked real and they must have  been rotting away through the years. When it became night, I rested against the pot and said goodnight but there was one thing! Why was this pot in the middle of nowhere?

By Lily May and Poppie

Peculiar Pot

Last week Charlotte and Kayleigh were walking in a lovely park when they saw a strange pot at the  back of a cafe. In the pot were sixteen legs covered in rainbow toothpaste. The legs were amputated from ladies in the Roman times. The mysterious pot had a face like an Aztec man with bulging yellow eyes. When we walked away the legs jumped out of the pot and then followed them back to the car. Charlotte and Kayleigh arrived home and quickly the legs kicked the boot door open.

By Charlotte & Kayleigh

‘Loving Laughing’



Here are the 4 winners of our Loving Laughing project – Grace, Charlie, Ollie and Saskia.

The project is part of eTwinning and is encouraging children to share their favourite joke. There are over 20 schools from across Europe taking part.

At FBPS, 30 KS2 children performed their best jokes in front of four ‘celebrity’ judges.

The winners will now work with 6th Form students at Thomas Clarkson Academy to make a film, which will be posted on the ‘Loving Laughing’ website.

Saskia: Why does a cow have a bell? Because its horns don’t work!

Ollie: What’s the favourite shop of pirates? It’s Arrrrrggggggossssss!

Charlie: How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it!

Grace: Where do monkeys toast their bread? Under the gorilla! 


We watched the Puffin Live broadcast to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday. We watched Quentin Blake explain how to draw an Oompa Loompa. There are our drawings –

ol1 ol2 ol3 ol4 ol5

Which do you like best? 

Mr Pallett’s English Group have started to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday by writing an Adventure story about one of the characters from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate’. Poppie S has written about Veruca Salt.

Veruca Salt is a snotty girl who is spoilt. One day, she was walking and she saw an abandoned school. She decided to investigate. She opened the creaky door and there stood the dark, wet, empty room. She walked in.

After a little while, she was lost in the ginormous school. She made up her mind to sit in one of the classrooms and sob. Two minutes later, Veruca could hear a slight movement in the dark room. She closed her eyes and hoped.

A dark figure walked up to her and said, “Are you lost too?”

“No, well yes! What’s your name? asked Veruca.

The girl’s name was Violet and now they were stuck together … Would they ever ESCAPE?

Class 2 children have been creating poems about Animals

CowDuck by Chloe

CowDuck likes to moo and quack,

Oh, isn’t he helpful?

Wow, look at him run!

Dig a hole for me, CowDuck,

Urrrrrrr, was he meant to do that?

Coho, you can’t catch me, CowDuck!

K(NO)w body has seen CowDuck.


CatDog by Taylor

Catches mice,

Angry CatDog,

Ties the dog up,

Dogs slobber,

On the chimney, he climbs,

Goes to scratch his owner.


CatDog by Tallulah

Cats catch rats,

Angry dog and cat,

Takes the curtains down,

Digging for golden bones,

Only dog is allowed on the bed,

Goes to scratch his friend’s ear.


CatCow by Sonny

CatCow running at 20 mph,

At a freezing, big lake,

Tap dancing around a pole,

Come and see

Our tap dancing CatCow,

With a big, heavy trumpet!


What can you hear? 

Class 2 have been working on their ‘Five Senses’. Today was all about hearing. They went on a listening walk in school and outside.

What can you hear? by Emma M.

I can hear a pencil.

I can hear a crab.

I can hear a pig.

I can hear a dog.

I can a duck.

(Emma said she used her imagination!)

We also made ‘Big Ears’ to help our hearing, like some animals!


Class 4 have joined schools from Finland and Italy to work on a ‘European Newsroom’ eTwinning Project. Each month they will publish news items using different media.

In September, they have written in English and translated their reports into Finnish and Italian using ‘Google Translate’.

FILM STAR DIES – Reporter: John Wuk-flag

Paul Walker, a film star, died in a car crash recently. He appeared in films like ‘Fast and Furious 6’. He died when his friend was driving a new Porsche.

Filmitähti kuoleefinland-flag

Paul Walker, filmitähti, kuoli auto-onnettomuudessa viime aikoina. Hän esiintyi elokuvissa kuten nopea ja kiihkeä 6 Hän kuoli, kun hänen ystävänsä ajoi uuden Porsche.


Paul Walker, una stella del cinema, è morto in un incidente d’auto di recente. E ‘apparso in film come veloce e furioso 6 E’ morto quando il suo amico era alla guida di una nuova Porsche.

Roald Dahl’s 100TH Birthday – Reporter: Oliviauk-flag

It was Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday On Tuesday 13th September. We all know who Roald Dahl is, he is the greatest writer of all time. Here are some of his books: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda. WE HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Roald Dahlin 100 vuottafinland-flag

Se oli Roald Dahlin 100. syntymäpäivä tiistaina 13 syyskuu. Me kaikki tiedämme, kuka Roald Dahl, hän on suurin kirjailija kaiken aikaa. Tässä muutamia hänen kirjoistaan: Jali ja suklaatehdas ja Matilda. Toivottavasti oli hyvä BIRTHDAY !!!!!!

100 ° compleanno di Roald Dahlitaly-flag

E ‘stato 100 ° compleanno di Roald Dahl Il Martedì 13 settembre. Sappiamo tutti che Roald Dahl è, è il più grande scrittore di tutti i tempi. Ecco alcuni dei suoi libri: Charlie e la fabbrica di cioccolato e Matilda. Ci auguriamo che ha avuto un buon COMPLEANNO !!!!!!

Rescue of the Royal Turtle – Reporter: Louiseuk-flag

One of the most endangered animals in the World’s Top 25 is the Royal Turtle. It is also known as The Southern River Terrapin. The Royal Turtle was discovered in the year 2000. On 13th September, 206 were released at Koh Kong Reptile Centre. On average, 382 out of 564 eggs hatched.

Rescue Royal Turtlefinland-flag

Yksi uhanalaisten eläinten maailman Top 25 on Royal Turtle. Se tunnetaan myös Southern River Terrapin. Royal Turtle löydettiin vuonna 2000. 13. syyskuuta 206 vapautettiin Koh Kong Reptile Centre. Keskimäärin 382 ulos 564 munat kuoriutuneet.

Salvataggio della Royal Turtleitaly-flag

Uno degli animali più a rischio nel mondo della top 25 è la Royal Turtle. E ‘noto anche come il fiume del sud Terrapin. The Royal Turtle è stato scoperto nel 2000. Il 13 settembre, 206 sono stati rilasciati a Koh Kong Reptile Centre. In media, 382 su 564 uova schiuse.

NEARLY WENT OUT WITH A BANG – Reporter: Charlie Cuk-flag

Me (Charlie) with my family in 2015 went down to Roydon Common in Kings Lynn. I found what I thought was an old tool. My dad looked. It resembled a bomb and we called the police. Apparently it could have blown up!

Melkein pääsivät ulos BANGfinland-flag

Me (Charlie) perheeni vuonna 2015 laski Roydon Common Kings Lynn. Löysin mitä ajattelin oli vanha työkalu. Isäni näytti. Se muistutti pommin ja soitimme poliisille. Ilmeisesti se olisi voinut räjäytettiin!

QUASI uscì con il bottoitaly-flag

 Me (Charlie) con la mia famiglia nel 2015 sceso a Roydon comune a Kings Lynn. Ho trovato quello che pensavo fosse un vecchio strumento. Mio padre guardò. Assomigliava una bomba e abbiamo chiamato la polizia. A quanto pare avrebbe potuto saltare in aria!

Year 6 really, really want to improve their writing, so we have started the Year 6 Writers’ Club.

We have used the 100 Word Challenge – Week #15


‘Bin Bicker’

“Oh, just another Irish Day,” the Grey Bin expressed depressingly.

“Why are you eating my cardboard? I was going to scoff it up!” sighed the Cardboard Bin reluctantly.

“I’m filled to the ol’ naggin anyway!” he mumbled in despair.

The Bottle Bin shouted angrily, “Don’t get drunk on my wine!”

“My cans are killing me!” suffered the Can Bin painfully.

“Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhh!” hushed the Grey Bin loudly.

All was not well between the bins … bicker, bicker, bicker!

At the beginning of the Summer Term, we have been writing adventure stories.

Moo and Larry’s Adventure by Maisiesheep and lamb

Moo and Larry fell in love since the day they met. Larry was two weeks old and lived down the farm. Every time Moo went down the farm, she stumbled through thick and thin mud just to see him. Shining and gleaming, the sun was peeping through the clouds, so Moo thought a walk would be great. She found some rope and tied it round Larry’s neck, making sure it was not too tight. Whistling and singing as sheep and lambs do, they walked happily. In the corner of Moo’s eye she saw a … HOLE!?! Moo decided to peek her head in the hole. Suddenly Larry bucked Moo up the backside. Rushing and scurrying passed Moo, Larry ran away. Moo decided to give chase. Finally, they reached and came across a farmhouse where they could smell a roast dinner of lamb and mint sauce. “Oh no!”, they exclaimed, “we had better turn back immediately!” Moo suggested that Larry should cover his eyes as she didn’t want him to be frightened!


We are using the ‘100 Word Challenge’ as our weekly stimulus. Many children from around the world100wc are presenting their writing on the website Why don’t you have a look?

Here are our entries for –

Y6 Writers’ Club – #Week 11

This week I lost my Wi-Fi connection at home. I was in a real state which was quite worrying that life can be so dependent on the internet. Anyway, the good thing was that a local coffee shop let me use their connection and I was able to get it all done.

So, I am using that experience for this week’s prompt and it is:

…when the connection broke… 

Things to consider:

  • What / who was being connected to what?
  • Why would it be a problem if it was broken?
  • What happened after the connection was broken?

Nooooooooo!! – Ryan H

It happened just at half-time, when the connection broke. I had 5 minutes to exit. The first thing I thought of was to phone BT. I screamed at them like they’ve committed a murder> The second I thought of was to see if my laptop worked but it didn’t. I chucked it through the window. I did try to phone BT again, but they were busy.WiFi

Well, then, it popped into my head that I could steal my neighbour’s WiFi. For the last two minutes, I tried to crack the code. With just 20 seconds to spare, I cracked the code and I was able to watch the match!

The Lady Next Door – Macy L

The lady next door uses the internet so much that the internet always goes out. Don’t get me started about when her grandchildren come over – all they do is go on the internet. But one day their internet went out and I saw the electrician repair it because he is always coming over.


That’s all I heard when the connection broke. They then called 999 – the police were NOT happy. My Mum and I just laughed. Everyone was gobsmacked!

And then the lady next door came round and said, “Can I use your internet, please?”

FBPS – Y6 Writers’ Club – #Week 10

This week we have a photograph for you to look at. It is a statue of 3 men talking.

3 men

Things to think about before writing:

  • Look at how they are dressed?
  • What country might they be in?
  • What jobs do they do?
  • What could they be talking about?
  • Are they happy/worried/concerned?

The Religious Men – Diesel

As I was sitting on the bench, two strangers, dressed in religious clothes, slowly approached me.

“Hello strangers! What do you want?” I whispered.

“Hello! We’d like to talk to you, if that is alright,” they replied.

“I guess so,” I answered.

“Can we ask you? Do you believe in God?” they asked.

I thought for a moment and said, “I’m not sure if there is a God because how was God created. And also why is there a hell if God forgives everyone?”

The two men looked at each other and weren’t sure how to answer my questions. So they quickly turned around and left.

Were they religious men or was there another motive?

100 Word Challenge #Week 9

On March 4th we celebrate World Book Day when schools often let pupils dress up in their favourite book characters. Here on 100 Word Challenge, we want you to write about SUPER HEROES.

‘Batman Strikes again’ by Colt

Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na … Batman is in Joker’s house. Joker remarked, “What the Hell!”

“I’ve come to stop you from stealing all the money from the bank,” shouted Batman.

Joker laughed and laughed, “Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Suddenly a Batarang (that’s like a boomerang!) flies past Joker’s head. Joker pulled out his knife throwing it at Batman. He jumped, somersaulting into the air – Batarangs fly everywhere! Joker jumped and dived to avoid them. He managed to grab Batman and pulled him to the ground, punching and kicking him.

Fighting back, Batman pushed a button on his utility belt, wrapping a rope around Joker.

“Hooray! The villain has been caught!”

“A real Superhero – A DEFINITION” by Morgan

Superhero … that word makes you think of characters like Batman and Superman, doesn’t it? Well, Naruto Hetalia (a 14 year old, outcast-ed girl) is a superhero in her own way.

Where she lives, there is a district where everything is perfect – utopia, you may say. However, in contrast to that is a barren, isolated land – a dystopia. You may be imagining rich and plentiful lands with beautiful architecture inside of this district. Wrong!Utopia

It’s actually a depressing, poverty-living place where many craters blanket the muddy floor where grass used to grow, Not only did it take advantage of the ground, but it also took advantage of Naruto’s left leg. Despite this, she still helps with the farming and covering all the remains of war. THAT is a real SUPERHERO!

100 Word Challenge #Week 8

We had five words that need to be put in your writing this week. They can be in any order but must all be used. They are:

…Gas,  Dancer,  Green,  Swimming,  Likely…




Crocodile_2811605b (1)

Under the green, gas-smelling water, there appeared to be a cranky-looking, crippled crocodile. I pranced back like a scared cat. I was likely to get gobbled up. The crocodile was swimming in a sophisticated way. I ran as fast as lightening to hide beside a tree.

On reaching safety, I was able to a professional dance show. I was thirsty and went to the crocodile jaw-looking tap that was jutting out of the water.

“I’m hallucinating”, I mumbled. There was gas leaking like coke out of the bottle. I fainted.

As I woke up, I saw a small, lizard-like crocodile.

“I don’t know why it’s here,” I thought to myself.

“Ca…N…N…N…Yo…U…B…E…E…My…Be…st…friend?” said a deep, croaky voice.

“Excuse me,” I said sarcastically. “Was that you?” I asked.

“YYYYYYYYYYYY…yes!” replied the amphibian.

“People must just freak out when they see you” I explained.

” I know! I’ll hide and stay here when you go out!” whimpered the lurking, croaky croc.

“OK!” I murmured. Everyone was happy from that point on.



This week, we decided that we need to work on our writing of direct speech using inverted commas. As our club met on the day of the Chinese New Year, we used this photo as the stimulus –


Chinese New Year by James

“What’s your name?” whispered Jeff.

“I can’t tell you. It’s personal information!” announced Peter.

“Well, I’ll just call you Gentleman then. Let’s forget about names. Look, Gentleman, there’s that red and gold dragon coming, I think!” answered Jeff.

“How many legs do you think are under the dragon?” questioned Peter.

“I don’t know, but I should imagine there’s about 30 or more,” warned Jeff.

“Probably about that many, but they must be very well trained to perform the tricks they are doing,” shouted Peter.

“They’re very well trained! I’d like to see more of the dragon but that’s the end of the show,” exclaimed Jeff.

“So would I, but, maybe we can watch it again next year,” warned Peter.

“On yes, we can watch again next year because Chinese New Year is every year!” shouted Jeff.


Here is our entry for –

100 Word Challenge #Week 5

This week we have a picture. It was drawn in 1899 by Jean-Marc Cote and is how he would imagine how fireman would work in the year 2000. Thank goodness he was not correct!

Look closely at the action.

Aerial Firemen

Obviously, you can write about anything that the picture says to you but for those who might be stuck, you could write about:

  • How things are different now
  • What the woman is feeling
  • How the fire started
  • What sort of location is it set in

‘Dancing Fire’ by Maisie S

I watched the scorching flames and red embers dancing above the lady’s head. Some danced, some pranced, but I stood in horror as the aerial firemen risked their lives and limbs. I felt so sorry for the lady and her baby, but I ran to protect my own, little family.

“Pass me the baby! There’s no time to lose!” ordered the brave fireman.

The young mum passed the baby to the super-fit aerial fireman.

Night fell and I gazed at the stars – twinkle, twinkle. I was so relieved that my little family were safe and sound.

100 Word Challenge #Week 4

This week we have part of a sentence.

Writers need to think carefully before they start as they will need to know what the story is. The prompt is:

…but later that day…

Questions to ask:

  • What was happening beforehand?
  • Was the thing that happened good or bad?
  • Who was involved?
  • What happened next?

‘The train to hell’ by Ryan C

train to hell

The legend says that a train picks up lost souls and takes them to hell. But, once every ten years, a man gets trapped on the train, never to be seen again.

“Ha!” shouted Jake interrupting. Jake’s friends were camping and it was Greg’s turn to tell a story. The fire started to die out.

“I’ll get more wood. You behave whilst I’m gone,” ordered Dan. But, as usual, Jake sneaked off.

Later that day, when everyone knew that Jake had gone, Greg grinned as the train had come.


100 Word Challenge #Week 3

This week we have 5 words. They must all be in the post but can be in any order. Before you start, think about a story that could include all of them sensibly.

The words are:

Red,   Hard,   Mountain,   Floated,   Umbrella,

The Boy who ate SCHOOL DINNERS by Morgan


Not a lot of people admire school dinners, especially when Mrs Redhead, the school chef, cooks them. Apparently, there are rumours that the ‘meatloaf’ once floated into space and never came down. After that incident, everybody at Umbrella Primary School always had a packed lunch!

One day, a boy called Nugget was dared to eat school dinners in a game of ‘Spin the Bottle’. So he did! Munching and chewing on the hard, stale substance, he felt so sick that he wanted to jump off a mountain. Suddenly, as Nugget chomped the last bite of the burger, he started to fly!

(Morgan was inspired to write this 100WC after reading ‘Ratburger’ by David Walliams)