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2014-15 Class 1

Here are some of our fantastic pieces of writing! What do you think?


Tiddler did not tell true stories. Logan

Miss Skate took the register. Tiddler was late. Sonny

Tiddler was late. He got caught in the net. Princess

2014-15 Class 2

Here are some of our fantastic pieces of writing! What do you think?

Class 2 have been using the iPads and the App, ‘Scratch Jr’, to write adventure stories ~

C2 iPads Web 1      C2 iPads Web 2

My Scratch Adventure – Bayleigh

Once upon a time the horse rider couldn’t catch her horse. The horse lived in a pink barn. The horse was brown but had a black tail. At last the horse came back to the pink for dinner of crunchy oats.

My Scratch Adventure – Jacob

Once upon a time there was a dragon and a dog. They were in the library. The dog was very scared as the dragon was chasing him. In the end, the cat, who had been in space, came to the rescue.

My Scratch Adventure – Sam

Once upon a time a cat was on the moon and he saw a wizard. The wizard froze the cat and teleported him to different dimensions, where there was blue moon.

C2 iPads Web 3          C2 iPads Web 4

My Scratch Adventure – Chloe

Once there lived a wizard and a fairy. The wizard made the fairy into a bat. Then she got her wand and turned him into a cat. The fairy said to the wizard, “You won’t do that again, will you?” The wizard replied, “I promise I won’t!” “Good” said the fairy as she flew away.

My Scratch Adventure – Reece D

Once upon a time there was a cat, a boy and a dog. The boy took the dog for a walk. The dog saw the cat and escaped from his lead. They started chasing each other. The dog was very brave until the cat turned him with a big meow!


Story Settings

Class 2 have been writing some fabulous SETTINGS for adventure stories. What do you think? 

Lily ~ As we swam through the icy, cold water, we saw a white, snowy iceberg. The water sounded like a dog lapping and licking.

Crystal ~ As the spider walked into the cave, he saw two black bats. He heard the echo of a bear stamping. The spider smelt the dank air all around. He touched the walls which had a magic spell.

Cameron ~ When I was in Italy, I saw a volcano erupting. I could smell the burning. It was the obsideon, hot as fire with exploding rocks!

Jacob ~ As I went up to the dark, dark forest I saw lots of spikey sticks and smooth trees, even lots of dirty mud. There were fluffy, fierce wolves and scary monsters, even hooting owls.

Ella ~ I went down to the sea and saw waves falling like a storm. I could smell the salty sea. I heard the crashing waves. I touched the wet spray.

Reece D ~ I walked into the forest and smelt fresh leaves. I could see the trees as tall as giants.


Oh no, Class 2 have written some recipes for the Monster’s dinner – 

Monster Slippery Dinner – Amy


1. Big bucket of slugs

2. Some black worms

3. Spikey spiders

4. Spoonful of mud


1. Put the black worms in the oven.

2. Fry the slugs.

3. Tip in the spikey spiders.

4. Sprinkle the mud on top.

5. Yum! Yum! Yum!

robertson-monster+dinner+party         Monster Dinner – Ollie C

4 juicy brains

A wrinkly thumb

6 claws


1. First carefully put juicy brains in.

2. Put in a wrinkly thumb and turn on the cooker.

3. Next chop the claws and fry them.

4. Now turn the cooker off and EAT!


Class 2 have been writing some spectacular Easter Acrostics.

This is Anna’s Acrostic!

Anna Easter


The Wolf who came to Dinner – Alfie (Y2)

Once upon a time there lived a strong, big, bad lamb. He lived in an old, very old and bad cottage. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Who could it be? The lamb shook  his beard. “Hello, little old wolf. You’re just in time for dinner.” “Hooray, dinner! I’m hungry” said the wolf. “What do you want for dinner?” “He, he, he,” whispered the lamb. “Go in the oven!” “Oh no, what have I done? said the wolf. “Let me out, let me out!” screamed the wolf. The wolf said to himself, “I will just chill out in the oven!” The lamb realised he could be friends with the wolf so he pulled the wolf out of the oven, saying politely, “I’m very sorry about everything. Do you want anything to eat? Let’s have vegetable soup!” Then they both lived happily every after.

The Wolf who came to Dinner – Ella (Y2)

Once upon a time there lived a mean lamb. The wolf knocked on the door. “Who is it?” said the lamb. It was the wolf and the lamb let him in the house. He kissed the lamb on the cheek. They became great friends and lived very happily.


Sam wrote – When I wore my magic glasses, 

I saw a monster truck and it was a grave digger. Then I drove it to Hawaii and I saw a big cockroach.


Connor wrote – When I wore my magic glasses,

I saw a chocolate world and I saw a white chocolate penguin and I ate him.


Alfie wrote – When I wore my magic glasses, 

I became a space man. When I got my suit on, I jumped out of the ship and floated around space. I saw an enormous planet called Mars. I landed on Mars and stayed forever.


Lily wrote – When I wore my magic glasses,

I became a princess. I had a pretty dress. It was a pink dress. I became a mermaid and had a blue tail. Then I became a fairy with sparkly wings. In the end, I became a horse.





We have been learning about funny poems and                                                        

we have written our own verse from ‘Custard the Dragon’ 

Alfie the dragon had a triangular, spikey back

And scales on top of him and a huge sack.

Bottom like a jelly, sock for a tail,

And realio, trulio varnish on his nails. 


Bernie the dragon had big, bumpy scales

And lumps on top of him and spikey nails.

Mouth like a tunnel, ladder for a nose,

And realio, trulio spikes on his toes.


Peppermint the dragon had sharp sharp claws

And spikes on top of him and a loud roar.

Teeth like a leaf, pepper for a nose

And realio, trulio flowers on his toes.


Custard the dragon had yellow fire breath

And spikes on top of him and spikes on the left.

Tail like a snail, a flower for a nose

And realio, trulio glitter on his toes.

Here are some examples of our great writing from October 2014

Toffee the dog


Toffee the Dog by Ana (Y2)

On one beautiful harvest day when every one was busy and the leaves were falling off the tree, Toffee was anxious and very lonely in the kennel.  Suddenly Toffee sniffed and she sniffed until … she found a way out of the kennel. Then Toffee tip-toed quietly. After a long while, Toffee cracked – a window crashed!

The next harvest morning, Toffee dug and dug until … she buried the farmer. When he got out of the hole, he screamed YOU ARE A STUPID DOG!

Fluffy the Dog

Louie the dog by Poppy H (Y2)

One day there was a dog called Louie. He wasn’t a normal dog. He was a bad dog and he was very, very fluffy. The owners let him outside. He saw some cats and then he barked at them. They said that he was a NAUGHTY dog. He went to bed. The next morning the fire bell went … and Louie saved the day. He went in the house and saved the person.

Mystery Dragon Eggs

The Mysterious Dragon’s egg

On Tuesday afternoon Mrs Evans saw a big green thing while we were eating our fruit.  Then we got on our coats and went outside. In the pavilion there was a bright golden egg.  I could not believe my eyes.  The next day was Wednesday.  We went outside in the morning and the egg was cracked.  I was shocked.  Mrs Williams called Rufus the dragon expert.  And he said do not worry.  We wrapped it up so it could go to the museum.

By Poppy H (Y2)

The Mysterious Dragon’s egg

Mrs Evans saw a green thing fly past the window then we got our coats on when we got outside there was a dragon egg I was excited Wednesday morning the egg cracked Mrs Williams came we told her the news then we put the egg shell in a box then we took the box to the office it is safe.

By Noelani (Y1)


‘I am’ Poem by Reece L (Y2)


This is me 1


I try to leave finger spaces.

I feel like going to sleep.

I understand my reading.

I dream about going home in a car.

I wish I could drive a car.

This is me!


 ‘I am’ Poem by Grace (Y2) This is me 2

I try to do my best at school.

I feel that I can be kind.

I understand other people’s language.

I dream about being a princess.

I wish I could see my Grandad Derek every day.

This is me!


Here are some of Class 3’s Writing from their ‘World War 1’ topic –

A Horse’s Tale – Olivia (Y3)    War Horse

Early one morning in Devon on a farm, I heard a giant bomb go off. Then there was a big zeppelin airship zooming across the sky way out on the fields. The war was starting and after that there was an explosion.

The farmer took me to the fields. Suddenly a soldier came up to me and asked me to join the army of horses and he would be riding me.  The farmer said yes but I didn’t want to go because so many other horses were being killed by the enemy. I was terrified. I didn’t want to be killed by the enemy. Still I went on and I wasn’t killed or shot by the cannons or anything.

Now it was four years since the war had started and I would be able to return to the farm to plough the fields again, like I used to do. It was Christmas soon and everyone had a wonderful time. But I still remember what the war was like and I will never forget those dreadful days.


The dog at war – Edward (Y4)     World War One Dog

One early morning, I, Eddy the dog, heard a zeppelin fly over the farm in Wisbech and dropped a bomb. I got a medal from Farmer Ryan. I was a very happy dog, but my owner, Harry Smith, sold me to the army.

The army took me to a wet dark boat on a really rough day. I was very scared. I feel out of the boat but I was picked up by a German boat. Then I was taken to the war by the Germans. Their training was terrible but I passed. Now I was even more scared.

On Christmas Eve 1914, the war had started. I had already made a friend. His name was Gerard the dog. He was brown and black. He was two years old, the same as me.

I have been in the German trenches now for a year. I am now three years old. Gerard had been stolen from Britain. He was really brave when we had to run across no man’s land. We were really frightened. Gerard was shot in the leg and the same happened to me. We were taken to the war vets and had the bullets taken out of our legs.

Luckily we were taken back to the farm for Christmas. We were given a bone for Christmas. I had really missed my farm friends like Joey and Jack, but Gerard had joined us!

‘Why were tanks invented?’ – Zofia (Y3) – A non-chronological report

WW1 tank


Tanks were used to get over no-man’s land more safely without getting shot.

Tanks were invented in the middle of World War One, but, at the start of the war, the main transportation was horses but the enemy could easily shoot you.

You could only have two people in a tank at a time. The Mark V was the most heaviest and also the strongest tank in WW1. Tanks were mostly used on the Western front.

Some people in 1916 thought that tanks went to battle in the Fleurs, whilst others thought that they were in the battle of the Somme.

Although tanks were more effective on land, they could not move in water as they would sink.

Tanks replaced horses in WW1.

Tank Warfare – Ryan C (Y5)

ww1_tanks 2


What are tanks?

Tanks are heavily armoured vehicles that replaced horses for transport. They were armed with ammunition and a cannon. They were operated by a crew of men.

Why were they called tanks?

Britain was afraid that German spies would discover that tanks were being made. So they look as if they were building water tanks and the name stuck.

The Mark V Tank

The Mark V tank was the biggest and strongest tank in WW1, It was used in 1918 and, with its 6 powder gun and Hotchkiss machine gun, the war was won.

The Whippet

The Whippet was a devastating small but fast tank. Its cannon and machine gun could crush a trench. It was operated by a crew of three.


How to program your robot – Charlottepancakes


  • Name: Super Woman 5000
  • Goal: To make a stack of pancakes
  • Size: 3 feet tall
  • Brain Power: Electric Shocks from strangers


  1. First turn on your robot carefully. When your robot is turned on a microphone will pop out so you can tell it what to do.
  2. Silently your robot will move to get the ingredients for the batter.
  3. Your robot will happily go and get the knoves and forks from the drawer. She will set the table.
  4. Next get the butter out of the fridge so the pancake doesn’t stick to the pan.
  5. Then energetically flip the pancake.
  6. Bravely pour some more batter and butter into the pan.
  7. Gracefully set the table ready to eat.

How do you know it is done?

  • The robot will have cooked the pancakes once the table is set. The pancakes should be brown and crispy. Don’t forget the sugar and jam!


My Robot Instructions – Piotr


  • Name: Captain Stuart Bot Claptrap
  • Speed: 218,888 kph
  • Power: Infinatic
  • Strength: 600 tonnes per arm
  • Functions: Being invisible, going back in time, laser eyes and shape shifting

The robot will listen to you and only your commands. He will do everything you want.

  1. Turn on the robot carefully. The button is on his chest.
  2. Check he is on by asking him a question. Hopefully he will answer back.
  3. If he is on you have finished the introduction. Now he is your servant.
  4. When you ask him to rob the bank he will do this in a flash.
  5. You can check this on the audio log.
  6. Turn him off when you have finished.

Here are some writing from Mr Rideout’s English Group –

Robin_Hood_and_Maid_Marian      ‘Maid Marian’s Deep Sleep’ – Macy B

One quiet morning, (well, not quiet for long) there lived a beautiful girl called Maid Marian and an outlaw called Robin Hood. They lived in Sherwood Forest and both enjoyed themselves very much. But, one gloomy night something terrible happened. The Sheriff came. He was a tall man that was always angry. When Robin was asleep that night, the Sheriff broke in and gave Marian a very deep sleep poison. He took Maid Marian to the castle with him.

That morning, Robin woke and stated he was going to fight the Sheriff. Marian didn’t answer. So Robin went off to the Sheriff’s castle to fight him, but he wasn’t there. So, as usual, he would let himself in. But, when he did, he was gutted as he saw Maid Marian laying there on the floor. “Oh, my lovable, caring girlfriend, what has he done to you?”

Later that day, the Sheriff and his men started to gallop to the the castle – Robin heard them. “I must hide, but where?” he whispered quietly, as he was sad looking at Marian. But then one of the Sheriff’s men saw Robin speaking to Marian. “Robin, we have been looking for you”, he said meanly, looking him in the eye as he was about to kill Marian. “Look who’s here!” said the Sheriff. Robin got scared and called his Merry Men to fight the Sheriff.

Well, game on! As quick as a flash, Robin pushed the Sheriff and the game began. Four hours later, Robin’s Merry Men were down, but the fight continued and continued and continued. Robin attacked the Sheriff and managed to kill him.

Later that evening, Marian woke up and recognised Robin. They agree to never leave each other’s sight again.

Robin Hood   The fight of Robin Hood and Prince John – Diesel R

There was an outlaw called Robin Hood, who was the best archer in the whole world. Robin had a band of merry men.

One dark day in Sherwood Forest, there lived the Merry Men. Robin’s best friend was Little John. Little John was not really little, but huge. He joined the Merry Men. Then Robin heard some footsteps as they roamed the land. They saw a castle. Robin shot some cows for food. In a flash, a guard appeared behind the Merry Men. Robin shot an arrow at the guard.

Meanwhile, King John was getting ready for an attack. Eventually, Robin and his Men reached the castle. King John kidnapped Little John. Much the Miller’s son got got shot in his leg. Robin sneaked into the castle and told King John to let him go or else he will shoot. Robin jumped down from the castle, pulled back his bow and shot King John. Robin Hood and his Merry Men returned to Sherwood Forest.


Class 4

Here are some fantastic pieces of writing. What do you think?



From the perspective of the orangutans – Chapter 5

Morgan (Y5):

I stalked the human silently from the shade of the huge trees, as Kensuke had asked me to. The boy caught sight of me with a bewildered, frightened look on his face. My warm ginger fur shivered in the breezy wind as a chill went up my spine. Slowly, I trudged towards him and sat down just metres away from the alarmed young boy. He didn’t move, didn’t talk. I had definitely seen enough. I scratched my furry, fuzzy neck awkwardly and screeched a ‘sorry’. I stood up and stumbled back into the calming sanctuary of the forest.

Great ideas from Great Teachers! We have used an idea from Lee Parkinson at Daveyhulme Primary School to write ‘Tweets’ from Michael, who, hopefully, will be rescued!

From Joseph:

Help! I’m stranded on an island with my dog, Stella Artois.

And gibbons are running crazy around me.

I’m in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Please help.

Tweet! Tweet!

Hi everyone wuu2, I’m just here in the middle of nowhere! I can’t send anymore tweets PLZ someone HELP ME!  Someone send out helicopter!  #SOS 🙂

By Louise Morgan

From Charlie:

Help! I`m lost on an island! Gibbons are running a mock and I haven`t got a wink of sleep. There may be cannibals. R U able to help me? #call SOS! 🙂 🙁 🙂

From Alex:

HELP, HELP! I’m stuck on a jungle island. HELP! I don’t know where I am! Oh yeah, I am with Stella, my dog and some very noisy chimps’ #SOS 🙁 🙁 🙁

From Caitlyn:

Tweet tweet

Stranded on island shaped like a long, broken peanut. Need help fast! Bring food supplies and drink. There’s no sign of any here. # SOS fast! 🙂

Tweet Tweet  By Amelia:

Help! Needed trapped on a revolting island!! I have got one dog to!! This is the most horrible island in the whole world!!


From Charley B:

Help me plz! Stranded on island with my dog Stella. Don’t know where I am just know need help and quick! SOS! Hungry and scared! Mum plz get this!!!!!!!


From Bethany:

Help! Stuck on island. Have no food, Stella is going mad. Plz tell everyone. Make search party, call every rescue satiation. #sos #need help now plz! 🙁

KK Tweet! By Piotr

Help! I’m stuck on this island somewhere in Asia with my dog Stella. PLZ save us! We had a lots of food but Stella ate it all! 🙁 # PLZ SAVE ME!

From Karlie:

Help! I’m stranded on a island with my dog Stella!

I’m not sure which country I’m in but there is sand around edge and woods in middle! #QUICK

From Emma:

Stuck on a strange island. Plz help us! Stella and I are going starve! Get a search party going! Srsly I need help! #Save Michael

From Sean:

HELP! I am stuck on Kensuke‘s island – it‘s scary! I want to escape and go home! Help me now – it‘s freaky and scary! help help please help help! 🙁

Kensuke’s Kingdom Tweet   

From Jessica

Help! I’m lost on an island I need food!

Come and rescue me! Seriously if you

Don’t come, then I’m going to DIE!!!

Help me! My dog is going crazy! HELP!!!

500 Word Challenge – The Winners

500WC Final

If you would like to read the winning 500 Word Challenge stories, click on the photo below to follow the link –

500WC Final 2

As part of the end of year writing assessments, the children were asked to write a persuasive letter to a friend inviting them to a trip to their favourite restaurant. Here are some extracts –


Charlie C – As we sat at the table, I heard a loud squelch! Mum had sat in a bowl of melted ice cream a prankster had left there. Although I was giggling, Mum was furious. She had steam coming out of her ears and her face turned into a red, hot kettle. She certainly was not … I repeat … NOT HAPPY! 🙁

Louise – Now here’s the worst part. The Manager came out with my birthday cake. He shoved a hat on me and sang the happy birthday song. On the way back, one of the trainees took my cake to cut it into pieces. Just before she reached the door … SPLAT! She had dropped it!


Sean – Something unusual happened! Ronald McDonald gave it to us for free for being the gazzillionth customer. It was great. We had our free meal, served by Ronald, who back-flipped towards us with dropping the glittering burgers and frothing milk shake. Charlie tried to be Ronald but had an epic fall. We all laughed and laughed!

Karlie – A few minutes later, a nice lady came over to our table and gave us our food and rinks on a tray. Let me tell you, the food smelt delicious. I had chicken nuggets and chips with tomato sauce. As you know, I would usually have salt with my chips but there was no need as they were already so foodtastic! 🙂

Alex – But then something strange happened. An old Chinese man came in. A fly was flying around his face in an annoying manner. He pulled out a pair of chopsticks and caught the fly between the end of the chopsticks. So next time you might think twice … or else! 🙂


Ancient Greeks 2  The Wooden Horse by Swailey (Y4)

Long ago there lived a King Agamemnon who was rich, selfish and never shared anything. He was married to Queen Helen who lovely and beautiful. One day, she ran away with the Prince of Troy. When the King heard this he was furious. He told his brainy commander, Odysseus, to bring Helen back. For nine years, they tried to get into the gates of Troy, but every time they failed.

The next day Odysseus had an idea. He called his generals and unrolled some paper plans. “We’ll build a wooden horse,” said Odysseus. “How will that work?” said one general. After a long conversation the generals agreed. The next week the horse was built. The Greek soldiers moved it outside the city gates.

Just then the horse started moving. “In we go!” said Odysseus quietly. That night Odysseus and his soldiers crept out of the horse and opened the gates, The Greek army poured into the city. Eventually they found Helen and headed back to Greece.

In the end Agamemnon forgave her and they lived happy ever after.


Ancient Greece 

The Wooden Horse by Bethany Hewitt (Y6)

Helen, the Queen of Sparta, was the most beautiful girl in the land. She was married to the kind-hearted, most generous person in the land, King Agamemnon. But she fell in love with the handsome, young prince called Paris.

One day, when the King was out, Helen decided to run away with Paris to Troy. When the King returned, he was told that Helen had run away and he was furious. He decided to send his army to Troy to get Helen back.

For ten long years, the Greek army tried to get into the city of Troy but failed every time. Odysseus was the bravest and cleverest of all the Greek soldiers. He summoned his generals and shared his plan. He told them to make a wooden horse that was so big that fifty men could fit inside. The army thought he was mad, but did what he said as he was the commander. It was built behind a hill so that the Trojans didn’t know what was happening.

The Trojans thought the Greek had returned home. The whole city rejoiced and the little kids could play in the streets and the teenagers could walk hand in hand along the beach.

The wooden horse of Troy

Two weeks later, the wooden horse was ready. That very night Odysseus and some of his men climbed inside the wooden horse. The rest of the army pushed the wooden horse up the hill. The next morning, the Trojans saw the wooden horse and thought it was a gift from God. The wise men thought it was atrick and wanted to throw it off the cliff into the sea but thought that this might bring bad luck from the sea god.

Although they were inside the city, Odysseus told his soldiers to stay inside the wooden horse and wait for a good time to attack. They kept looking out of the trap door. Just after lunch, they saw the soldiers sleeping in the hot sun. Odysseus chose ten of his strongest men to come and open the city gates for the rest of his army to pour through. They snuck out of the trap door, quickly and quietly and went to the top of the city walls to open the gates with a big lever. The Greeks charged through the gates looking in every house in Troy until they finally found Helen. Odysseus put her over his shoulder and carried her back to Greece.

When they returned, Queen Helen begged for Agamemnon’s forgiveness. He couldn’t stay mad at Helen for long so he forgave her. From that very day, Helen stayed in Greece and never ran away again.

100 Word Challenge using Exciting Sentences – Morgan (Y5)


Confused, rejected, bewildered, Pegasus wondered why he was so alone. The land was empty; no-one was to be seen. Flying, Pegasus started flying over the magical, starlit, night sky. He saw a few hunters looking for the last unicorn. Poor Pegasus flew away, trying to escape the greedy predators. He flew into a labyrinth when he saw a … little girl! Pegasus went to find out what was wrong. Sobbing, the girl was sobbing because she lost her dog. Pegasus agreed to help her find her poor dog. But, slowly, Pegasus realised that the hunters might think he was the last unicorn in existence.


500 WC Certificate


Hamsters Love Music – Charlie Coote (Y4)


“Assembly!” cried Miss Chopchild. “Today …” There was a long pause … “Primary News,” she said with a smile.

The whole school let out a moan. Quickly after she pressed play there were news presenters blabbing on. One word caught Jessy’s attention. It was singing … just singing … then hamsters. She listened in.

“Children from all around the world are hearing noises in their rooms. Oddly, they all own hamsters!”

This had actually happened to Jessy. She was a kind, inquisitive girl, who was determined to find out what it was. As she opened the door to her house, she could hear it.

hamster singing

“Bee bop, dooby de da, ba da! No, you haven’t bought the alien version, Reader, because that is the odd strange noise.

As Jessy tiptoed up the stairs the noise stopped. The house was silent for a moment… La, la, la, l, la, la, la! Jessy’s Mum wrecked it.

“Aaaaaaaah!” said Mum.

“What is it?”, stammered Jessy.

“I left the …”

“The what, Mum?” whimpered Jessy …

“The cheese! Your Dad will kill me!”

Confused, zonked, annoyed, Jessy spoke to her Mum, “I’m sure he won’t.”

“I know, I know. Now go to your room”, Mum said finally.

Jessy did as she was told. When she slumped back upstairs, she had forgotten all about the noise in her room.

That night she woke to a rattling noise, like tapping on the window. Scared, frightened, shocked, Jessy flew under her quilt – swoosh like a rocket! She heard the window creak open.

Jessy, slowly, quietly, crawled onto the floor like a little mouse scampering to the cheese. She leapt up and put her hands up on the wall expecting the light switch. But … she … only … just … got it!

As the light flashed, she saw many furry balls curled up. But right near the window was the brown, black and white, unpredictable hamster called Bernard (although this story continues in an unpredictable way).

Jessy heard a little voice sing, “Don’t be afraid, but you must never, ever tell anyone we can talk. You got that!”

“Arrrrrrrrrr!” Jessy burst across her room, squealing.

“What on earth?” said a gruff voice. “Jessy, are you alright?” exclaimed her father.

“Yes!” Just a nasty nightmare”, stammered Jessy.

Jessy thought about what the little hamster had said. She tiptoed back in her room and said, “Bernard, you and your hamster friends go away and get in your bed and we’ll talk in the morning.”

Jessy woke up at five o’clock and she woke Bernard. She asked him, “How, how can you talk?”

“Sing!” corrected the hamster. “I’m not telling!” He started to sing.

“Please, pretty please with a cherry on top,” pleaded Jessy.

“N … O … spells NO!” sang Bernard slightly angrily. “I will never tell, unless you …!” He couldn’t finish as he heard Jessy’s Mum and Dad.

That was the end of that, unless Jessy could discover what she must do.

AND DID SHE? (See next year’s 500 Word Challenge!)

The Hidden World by Charley B (Y6)                                                   “WELL DONE, CHARLEY!”

the hidden world

It all started with a normal day at school when Lilly, Leila and Sophia were taking a test. They didn’t have a pencil and they were told to get three from the cupboard. So they all went to have a look. After about two minutes of looking for pencils at the front of the cupboard they decided to look at the back of the cupboard but they could not find the back of the cupboard… until they saw a door!

Lily turned to Leila and said, “You open the door!” “No,” Leila said. Then Sophia said, “Fine, I’ll do it!”

And, with that, Sophia opened the door and, to Sophia , Leila and Lily’s amazement, they found they a completely different world. It was full of Pegasus’, dinosaurs, leprechauns and everything happy. Leila didn’t want to go into this new world of happy things but, before she and the others could decide whether to stay or go, they were scooped up by a Pegasus and taken high up in the sky where they saw animals sitting on big fluffy white clouds. One of them handed Leila a lily because it has the same name as Lily. Then the Pegasus stopped and the three girls looked around before getting off of the Pegasus’ back to examine the new land. Then Leila screamed with excitement when a unicorn came up to her. “Come on guys” she yelled “we can ride on her while we look for a way back”

“ Why can’t we stay here?” cried Lily “School’s boring! If I see a giant I will ask him to crush all schools and teachers!”

“ We won’t see a giant!!” exclaimed Sophia, “you don’t know that – after all this is a magic world”

“ Yeah it is and anyway we must get going. Our teacher will be wondering where we are but, Sophia, where’s the door?”

“What do you mean where’s the door – it’s right behind us! See … wait, where has it gone? I’m sure it was behind us!”

“Guys, remember we were scooped up by a Pegasus. Oh yeah, I remember how. Are we going to get home?”

fairy queen

“We will find a way. Maybe, if we find the Queen Fairy, if there is one, she can help us get back home.”

“Hey, look there’s a fairy. Let’s follow it!”

After a long ride they finally found the Fairy Queen’s palace. They followed the fairy into the palace. They shouted up to the Queen, “Excuse me, can you help us get home?”

“Of course where is it you wish to go?” asked the Queen in a very royal voice.

“Bradford Primary School, your highness!”

“Your wish may be granted! Just repeat after me, I wish, I wish to be back at Bradford Primary School.”

All three girls said together, “We wish, We wish to be back at Bradford Primary School.”


500 WC Certificate

“Who’s been sitting in my chair?” Alex (Y6)      

From the 100 Word Challenge Week 23


This funny-looking chair belonged to a man called Bob. Bob built this chair to protect his home from the evil, mutant creatures that emerged out of the Earth’s core after the disaster. He built the chair out of radiation blocks because this makes animals stay away. It is not comfortable to sit on as it is hard and, sometimes, gets quite hot. He made the stone cat so millions of years later nobody would suspect there was a house underneath. After the explosion, the world became greener and trees began to grow. The chair is crumbling away now …


Games Consoles – Then and Now ~ Macy L (Y5)


The first ever games console was created in 1967. A game console is an electronic device that you can play games and can watch DVDs.


The first ever games console was the Brown Box made in 1967. This particular games console was not released into homes. It was created by Ralph Baer. In 1972 the Odyssey was released into homes but it wasn’t very popular. Rumours spread that the Odyssey only worked on certain TVs. Nowadays we have X-Boxs, Playstations, DSs and other hand-held devices. We can get more games like Mario Kart, Policeman and Princesses on Ice.


Laptops have changed a lot since they came out. The latest laptop is an Acer Windows 8. You can get laptop games on a disc and you can also watch DVDs on them. You will need access to the Internet to use Internet Explorer. Different laptops can do different tasks. Laptops used to be known as computers. Almost everyone in the UK has a laptop.


Phones have also changed a lot since they first came out. Mainly they have got smaller and can do more. You couldn’t get I-Phones or phones with cameras. You need a signal for a phone to work.


There are three different types of X-Boxs – X-Box, X-Box1 and X-Box360. The most popular game on the X-Box is Minecraft. Over 20 million X-Boxs have been sold in the UK alone. Most people have an X-Box, rather than another type of games console.

In the future, I think there is going to be a DS4 where you can play more games and where you can download DVDs. The difference between the original games console and the latest one is that the picture is much better and the graphics are much clearer.

Biography of Edith Cavell – Emma (Y6)  Edith Cavell

Edith Louisa Cavell was born on 4th December 1865 in Swardeston, Norfolk. Edith was a British nurse and was famous for helping over 2000 injured soldiers.

Edith’s dad was a vicar. He told her how important it was to help people. She had two sisters and one brother. When she was 15, she moved to Belgium and became a governess. Soon after that she moved to Austria and learned how to help in hospital. She then decided to train as a nurse. She moved back to Belgium and pioneered training nurses.

Edith became the matron for her school for nurses near Brussels. The school opened in October 1910. She called it “L’Ecole Belge d’Infirmieres Diplomees”. The school provided nurses for hospitals, schools and kindergartens.

In 1914 World War One started. The hospital where Edith worked was taken over by the Red Cross but Edith carried on working there. She cared for the wounded Belgian, German, French and British soldiers. When the Germans found out that she was helping all soldiers, she was arrested immediately. Her punishment was death. Edith confessed to having no bitterness or hatred towards anyone.

Edith was shot to death by a German shooting squad on 12th October 1915 in Schaerbeek, Belgium. She was remembered for nursing ill and injured soldiers. Edith was buried near Norwich Cathedral and there is a statue of her near Trafalgar Square in London. Her legacy is helping all those soldiers as her life’s work. People think that Edith Cavell was a talented, gifted nurse.


Biography of Walter Tull – Karlie (Y6) Walter_Tull

Walter Daniel John Tull was probably the first black professional footballer in Britain. He was born in Folkestone, Kent, England, on 28th April 1888. He will definitely be remembered by his football club but also for being the first black officer in WW1.

Walter grew up in a children’s home after his parents died of cancer and overcame many setbacks. He was educated at what is now known as Mandela Primary School. Although he only had a few friends, he enjoyed primary school. In 1908, Walter joined a local football team in Clapton before joining Tottenham Hotspurs.

A bit later in his life, Walter Tull joined Northampton Town and became the first black outfield player to play professional football in Britain.

In 1914 Walter continued to play for Northampton Town but, when war was declared, he joined the footballers’ battalion and was sent to France. In 1917 he became the first black officer in the British Army to lead white British soldiers.

In 1918, Walter and his soldiers were making a last attempt to beat the Germans but, about half was across no man’s land, Walter was shot by the Germans. There were many attempts to recover his body.

He was awarded the 1914-15 Star Medal and the Victory Medal. He will always be remembered by his football clubs and for being the first black army officer.


Biography of Dame Caroline Haslett – Morgan (Y5) Dame Caroline Haslett

Dame Caroline Haslett was one of the first women Engineers. She was born on 17th August 1895 in a village called Worth in Sussex. The time in which she lived was the end of the Victorian era and the start of the Modern Age. She worked as an Engineer in Cochran Company and was also a Secretary.

When Caroline was a child she lived near Ashdown Forest. She loved flowers, trees and animals, as well as the forest. Caroline had four other siblings. Sadly, her older brother, William, died when she was three. Caroline’s father was a railway engineers and he taught her about tools and machines. Caroline went to a school in Haywards Heath, but, despite this, she spent a lot of time at home resting because of her bad spine. It was hard for her to keep up with her school work.

After this, when Caroline was 18, she went to a college in London and learned office skills and typing. She was offered a job as a clerk at Cochran Company and worked in an office. It was a boiler firm and she enjoyed seeing how the boilers were made. After a while, her bosses noticed her love for engineering and her great skills. Time had passed and her bosses arranged for her to be working in the factory itself.

In 1919, Caroline joined the new Women’s Engineering Society and asked housewives what sort of machinery they would like to help them with housework. A popular suggestion was a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher.

Many years later, in 1945, she started to work for the British Government. Caroline was sent on many missions to the United States and other countries. After years of hard work, she received a knighthood in 1947 and officially became Dame Caroline Haslett.

Caroline died in 1957 because she had a coronary thrombosis. She will be remembered for her determination to make women’s work, all around the globe, easier by making machines to help with housework. Her work helped women but also stopped them from breaking their backs and getting covered in dust, whilst having more of a social life.

flanders_field                            Poppy Fields


In Flanders Fields by Charley and Maisie

In Flanders fields the poppies grow

Our fallen heroes lie below,

Sea of red blankets on the ground

A stunned silence, the only sound

They shall not sleep as memories glow.

Tower of London

In Flanders Fields by Karlie and Morgan

Soldiers lay there for years to go

In Flanders fields where poppies grow,

As the crows fly high in the sky

In Flanders fields the soldiers lie,

The mighty soldiers lay below.

Tower of London

In Flanders Fields by Alex and Charlie C

In Flanders field poppies grow,

Over many graves black crows crow,

As grey bullets fly,

By day and night, rotting corpse die,

That are buried in the snow.

The Christmas Truce – Mia (Y5)            Christmas Truce 1

It was a freezing, cold night, and, including the Germans, we were singing ‘Silent Night’, in our own languages. Elijah Kane had water-blue eyes, ash hair. He was as skinny as a stick and was very brave. The soldiers’ feet were like blocks of ice. It was freezing. The mud in the trenches was full of fresh and old blood.

Elijah came and walked silently over the top of the trench with his hands up. The Germans thought it was a trick so they grabbed their brown, rusty and mouldy guns, which were bloody, and were ready to fire.

A German soldier called Otto walked silently out of his trench to see if Elijah was tricking. Elijah and Otto came closer to each other and shook hands. The rest of both the British and German soldiers approached each other and played a football match, dropping their brown, rusty guns. Elijah was feeling nervous because the Germans could have shot him, but he was brave.

Then they heard a loud bang and both the British and German soldiers returned to their trenches. The Christmas Truce was over.

The Christmas truce – Joseph L (Y6)     Christmas Truce 2

I woke up one freezing morning and it was Christmas. I had a dream about me being at home in the warm by the fire and opening my presents. But no … I’m out here with nothing to do. The Germans started singing ‘Silent Night’ in their own language. We started to join in.

But, just then, the singing stopped. My best friend, Billy, who I signed up with, got out of the trench and started to walk towards the Germans with his hands in the air. The Germans thought he was going to shoot!

One of the Germans said, “Don’t shoot!” The he got out of his trench and started walking. All the soldiers followed. The German and British soldiers shook hands and all greeted each other. The Germans showed pictures of their wives and they started to play a football match, which the Germans won one-nil.

It was raining in the trench. The mud was like a swamp and looked disgusting because of the blood and the bodies. Now it was really cold and I was huddled up in the corner of the trench, eating my trench biscuit. I had only one left. I was starving and really upset. I wanted to be with my family at home. But, at least, I had my friend, Billy with me. Normally we played cards or the game where you picked the nits out of your trench coat. Billy usually won, as he has got nails. I don’t have any nails as I bite them!

I hated this stupid war. We didn’t even have a proper cup of tea. We had this ice tea as it was freezing out in the trenches. I don’t even have my Dad here with me as he died from working in the mines. He was 52. I was only 22 and hoped I didn’t die that young.

On another day, I was on guard watching for Germans. I hadn’t slept for 8 nights but I was too scared. Our Captain won’t go on guard in case he got shot. But then  we had a new man and he was made Captain as the other was moved on. The new Captain asked, “What’s your name?” At first, I was silent for a minute and then said nervously,”Walter Simpson.” “That’s weird name for a soldier, ain’t it?” I shouted back, “That’s not a weird name. What’s your name?” “Captain Charles Parker!” Eventually I decided he was alright as a Captain. He was a bit bossy but Captains are like that! I didn’t like being bossed around. He always gave me the evil’s, pointing at me. But I did my best and continued with the War!

Mrs Martin’s English Group

Ancient Greeks 2

Here are some narratives set in Ancient Greece –

Long, long ago, there lived a girl called Dana and a king called King Aegeus. There also lived in a far, far away place another king called King Minos. He was cross with King Aegeus because he had killed his son. He proclaimed, “I want the seven boys and seven girls to be sacrificed.”

Next, Dana said, “I’m bored of everyone just getting killed so I’m going to the blue, hairy monster.” Dana saw a boat with black sails arriving, but wanted to change them to blue.

Suddenly, Dana went into the labyrinth. It was a huge place. Suddenly, she saw a hairy monster and she screamed. It stank, but the monster was stuck. Dana shouted, “Don’t move!” But he did and died instantly. Dana ran!

Finally, she ran back to the boat and sailed back to her home and went to see her daughter. She whispered to herself, “I’m glad that I’m not dead!” She went to sleep peacefully.


Ancient Greece

Isidora and Medusa

Long, long ago in a land called Ancient Greece, Isidora, Theseus and Ariadne were playing, until Medusa came and killed Ariadne’s brother, Jack. So Isidora said to Ariadne, “I will kill the beast!”

Next, Theseus is in love with Isidora. Theseus wanted to help Isidora. He gave Isidora a ball of string and a sword. Theseus said, “Put your blue sail up!” “OK,” said Isidora.

Isidora hid against the wall because it was pitch black. Suddenly Isidora jumped and plunged the sword into Medusa’s flesh. Isidora said, “You will not kill any more people!” With one more push, Medusa was dead.

Isidora used Theseus’ string to get out of the labyrinth and sailed back, putting up her blue sail. When she reached land, Theseus said, “Will you marry me?” Isidora replied, “Yes!”

Elena M 





A Science Fiction story – Maddie

One sunny day at a school there was a little girl. It was her first day and she was learning about aliens. That night, when she went home, she had her hot, boiling, scrummy dinner. After that she went to bed. That night she had an unusual dream about aliens. The alien was tiny and green and was a girl, but her space ship was broken. The little girl fixed it. They became friends. The little girl’s name was Mary. Mary liked the alien, who name was Flower. But Flower had to leave – “I have to go now. See you soon. Bye!” That little girl was actually me. I still have my blanket from the first day at school but, unfortunately, it’s under my bed. I saw it when I lost my toy dog which can turn into a hot water bottle!

moon rocket  The Moon Visit – Betsy

One odd, cold night a little girl started to play on her favourite game. She went to bed after a very long day at school. She had learnt all about the moon. She also could not sleep. She kept thinking about famous astronauts, like Neil Armstrong, and how they reached the big, dusty, moon with holes. She found herself sleeping at sunrise. That cold night she had been dreaming all about an alien who was really kind and very sticky.

But … she crashed in a dark, scary and gloomy crater. She called for help. A girl came with a tall box and a long pole from a flag and pulled her out. She said that her name was Lonang Shiag. “Hello,” said the girl, who was very pleased at the time, “I’m Betsy, but I have to go now!” “It was nice meeting you, even for a minute or two!” said Lonang Shiag. “Please come round again soon and try some of my home-made moon sweets. OK?” “OK”, replied Betsy.

That little girl was me. Sometimes I sit on top of my bunk bed with my squeaky, little bunny, and gaze at the moon on peaceful nights. Sadly, my squeaky, little bunny broke soon after but I have my lavender dog sitting beside me when I sleep.

The Poppy Fields by Tarley                                                                          Poppy Fields

It all started a long time ago with me and Ray. In the poppy field me and Ray were playing armies. I was captain then I had to do my chores and then we were playing and then we were playing pirates. Then we were in the real army. I got hurt then Ray saved me I lost my leg. Ray was still fighting I was home scared and worried if he still made it then the war was over. I was glad me and Ray made it. Ray had lots of medals my family was happy. Me and Ray go where the poppies now grow and the trees are massive.

Ray was my hero by Poppie S                                                                      flanders_field

Well let me tell you a story about when I was young. It all started 30 years ago when I was a boy. I had a best friend called Ray and we would help my Dad in the fields. Then we would pretend to play armies. On rainy days me and Ray would take our dog, Benson, in aerodrome. Instead of being soldiers we would be pilots.

A couple of months later we were old enough to join the army. It was TERRIBLY muddy and cold, But one day I was sent on a mission across No Man’s Land to spy on the Germans. Then BOOM I’m on the dirty floor. Soon I was unconscious. When I woke up Ray was carrying me across No Man’s Land. He was my hero! Ray came with me to the nurse and they said you need to go to the proper hospital.

Two years later me and Ray met up again in the same poppy field, by the same tree and the same day – Poppy Day! That’s why we still have Poppy Day – to remember the soldiers from the war.

Sergeant Stubby by Mark Smith                                                                   sgt-stubby                                                                

In 1900 in America, there was a dog called Stubby.

The army called him Stubby because of his short tail.

Stubby was involved in WW1.

When Stubby died in 1926, he was known as Sergeant Stubby. He was awarded medals for helping the American army.

The army said, “Stubby seemed to know that the greatest thing he could do was to offer comfort and cheerfulness.”


Jack Cornwell by Jack Forth                                                                                                       John-Travers-Cornwell-VC

Jack Cornwell was born in 1900. Jack was a lively boy but, when WW1 began, Jack wanted to become a sailor. Jack tried to join the Royal Navy in 1914, but he was too young.

When he was 15, he joined the Navy. He was the hero of Jutland because he stood by his gun. He was badly wounded. He was the first man to be awarded the Victoria Cross. Sadly, Jack died of his wounds.


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