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100 Word Challenge
The ’100 Word Challenge Club’ starts very soon. Year 6 will be adding their writing to this amazing, global website and will look out for comments.

Here is the first piece of writing from Joshua –


One dark gloomy night I was sitting on my computer chair playing on my most favourite console then…

I stood up but I fell over my foot and I grazed my knees. It felt like someone hit my knees with a shovel. I stood up and lunged towards my bedroom window but, again, I fell over my toy box. I picked myself up and flew to my window.

Then I saw a bright light, lighter than light. It was weird because this light was not a light I have ever seen before. So I ran downstairs, ran to the front door to check … but no light!


This piece of writing is by Niamh

One beautiful night, there were stars in the sky. But, suddenly, all the lights went straight out … I was terrified!

I heard a scream – it was my sister. I ran as fast as I could. There was a dark, dusty, gloomy man.

I said “Go away from my sister or there’ll be trouble!”

The man said, “What you going to do?”

“You don’t want to upset me”, I threatened

I hit out. He fell down.

I said, “Do you want more?”

He jumped out of the window.

I shouted, “Get out of my house!”

Then I looked out my window – no man, but still I saw the bright light!

Week 3 (Part 2) Niamh

I looked out the window again. There was still no man but then I saw the bright light again. I know my sister was safe so I went back to bed.

I fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up and I was in a deep, dark cellar! Just then! I saw the man who was in my sister’s room. I tried to hit him but I was tied up. When he was not looking, I bit the rope. It broke!

I ran. I bit his leg. I tied him up and ran upstairs. I jumped through his window. I ran to his van.

I said, “I don’t know how to drive!” But I did it anyway. I speeded away. I tried to stop but I could not stop. I crashed the van. I jumped out and ran into my bed, pretending to sleep. Mum came but she never expected anything. And now, from this day on, I will never drive again.


Or is it…?

Courtney – 1st October 2013 – Wowza!

Should I tell you how I saw a bright light?

Well, I fell and banged my head on the concrete. I fell asleep for five minutes. When I woke up, I went downstairs and went outside. I saw a bright light.

My eyes went blurry. I was confused. I went inside and then went outside again.

I saw a bright light I kept on coming in and out.

………… The last time I went outside, I saw an amazing, bright, orange light. Oh my goodness! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

Was it the SUN?

The five S’s by Lily

One day there was a curly snake called Alfie.

He loved sizzling sausages. He discovered some but then realised that they weren’t real.

So he smiled at them because they were shiny silver. He felt really silly because he was as hungry as a lion and he couldn’t stand waiting any longer.


Slowly the sky got darker. The rain got harder. Zombies started to kill, ghosts started to possess people. Some people lived for a while! Most people died.

Some random people were the saviours. They tried everything to get home. But no one came for them. Every time a helicopter went by, they lit a flare but the pilots didn’t see the flare. Some of the saviours were dying of hunger. They tried to get food but the zombies were in the way.

Suddenly one day they heard something. They didn’t know what it was until they saw the car moving. They sprinted to the car and went home. BUT WERE THEY SAFE?…

Slowly the sky got darker by Lily

One dark, gloomy night the sky slowly got darker. I heard a smash so I got up. My windows were shattered. I turned around again and I saw a ghost, so I ran into my sister’s room. I saw her laying there with blood dripping. I slammed the door shut. Behind the door I saw …

“Mum, Dad, any one there?” No one answered

“Mum, Dad, there is a zombie!” Before I could say anymore, he ate a bit of me.

Luckily I survived, when the zombie went out of the room I got up and went in to my mum and dad’s room. I was terrified!

The next morning I woke up feeling dreadful. My sister was never to be seen ever again … I said to my Mum and Dad the zombie was as big as my wardrobe.

Slowly the sky got darker – Alisha

Slowly the sky got darker as the storm came, my mum sent me to bed, I heard a noise outside. I looked out the window and I saw a zombie! I saw my dad cutting wood. I tried screaming Zombie but he couldn’t hear – in the end he was bitten!

I went back to bed. I heard my mum screaming. I raced to the window and I saw a terrible creature – it was the Grouch! My mum tried to race back in, but she didn’t survive! The Grouch and the Zombies started attacking … everyone was dying.

It was a puzzle because I didn’t know why they came? I was the only one living, there were no survivors. But I know they’re going to come back…

When I saw a bright light by Courtney

When I got up from bed, I got ready for school. Then I went down stairs for breakfast. When I was done I walked to school. I never walk to school on my own because it’s next to my house. When l went outside I saw a bright light.

Six hours later … When school was over, I walked home and I saw a bright light again. I asked my mum if I could go out. And mum said yes.

BUT, I thought I had to do my homework. Ten minutes later I was done. So I went out of the door and I saw a bright light. Wow! Wow wow wow!

The Apocalypse By Joshua

One sunny evening Alisha, Francesca and Lily were playing out. And then they saw a bright light. The light was as bright as the sun. Then the ground started rumbling and moving so they bolted like a cheetah. But Francesca vanished like a cloud into thin air. So there were only Alisha and Lily left. Later that day an apocalypse of zombies limped towards Alisha and Lily. BUT…

They had weapons. Alisha had a baseball bat and a bayonet. Lily had a crowbar and a dagger. They fought wisely. The next day Francesca came back as a ghost.

BUT Lily and Alisha were never to be seen again…

Class 2

Which Bugs do you like? Which bugs do you dislike? Please post a comment! 🙂

stars 1 planets 1

Here are some our Acrostic poems about Space

Shining bright


Across the night sky


Sparkling by Daniel

Shining brightly

Twinkling high

Above us all

Really beautiful

Starry, starry night by Lily

Planet in the sky

Lights up brightly

Universe black

Twinkling and shining

On a trip around space by Alistair

Mighty planet to eat

Around space

Reflecting the sun

Shining brightly by Alfie


Really bright tonight

I love it

Oval planet

Night sky by Maddie

In the Woods I see … by Olivia

One sunny morning I went out for a walk in the woods. Suddenly I saw a bright, orange, furry fox. I saw it dive into its hole. I heard birds tweeting and singing their song. Then I saw a soft, cute, little rabbit. Just then I realised That there was an enormous hole in the tree with lots of feathers, I heard a noise. It was frogs and toads croaking. Suddenly I heard a magpie rustling in the branches of the trees. Just after, I heard a bee buzzing over plants and flowers. Later I saw a pink and purple, sparkly butterfly drinking nectar out of the roses. After a while, I saw a lady bug climbing up the tree, Then I heard a barn owl swoop down and catch a water vole out of the river which flowed through the woods. I had a wonderful walk through the woods!

walk in the woods

In the Woods I see … by Charlotte

One sunny day I went for a long walk through a forest and I heard leaves blowing. Then I saw bark scattered on the smooth path. I saw frogs in the dark, brown swamp. I saw dark tree and cloud shadows floating over my head. Suddenly I heard rabbits nibbling long blades of green grass beside the path. I heard birds tweeting in a pine cone tree. I heard mice scuttling along the path and baby mice screeching. Now I can see a beautiful, colourful butterfly fluttering against the bright, blue sky. I hear water racing down from the long river. And then, I heard footsteps from people walking by.


In the Woods I see … by Kayleigh

In the woods I see shadows reflecting from the trees. I saw a barn owl’s pellet lying on the bumpy floor. I saw a butterfly fluttering over the flowers. Then I heard trees swishing and swirling in the wind. I saw a grasshopper scuttering in the long, green grass. I saw a big black pond with croaking, green frogs and toads. I heard some little, yellow chicks screeching and scratching. I saw a little brown and black rabbit nibbling at food which people had chucked away. I heard birds singing, whilst a woodpecker pecked at the bark of the tree. I saw an orange, red, black fox lying on the floor and a owl in the tree. I watched as the clouds raced across the blue sky.


In the Woods I see … by Callum

One sunny, relaxing day I had a stroll through the deep, dark wood and I saw some massive trees. And I saw a butterfly fluttering around me. Suddenly I saw a fox jump out behind me and I jumped. I was really shocked because I have never seen a fox before. Then the fox ran away. Then I heard some mice squeaking. They were about to run away, but I took a photo of the 3 of them. I walked back the way I came and saw some more mice. I am glad I took a photo of them as I look at it every day.


In the Woods I see … by Lily-May

One sunny day I went to the woods. I saw some bark on the trees and then walked some more. I saw a waterfall. I saw a sly fox and some grey clouds in the sky. Then I saw a bird. Suddenly I saw green grass. Then I saw a beautiful rabbit running across the grass. Next I saw a big path. There was a little butterfly on the path and a frog croaking. I saw a grasshopper scratching and I even heard a toad talking. What was that? It’s somebody singing!


In the Woods I see … by Jacob

One day I went for a stroll in the woods. Suddenly I saw a hole in the ground. Then I saw a rabbit pop its head out and hop back across the path. I heard some leaves rustling, but nothing was there. Where is the barn owl?

barn owl

In the woods I see … by Trinity

I saw a very pretty waterfall. I saw blue tits and all sorts of birds. I heard them singing and having fun. I saw a fox hiding in the woods. I saw plants and flowers growing alongside the path. The wind was whistling through the trees. I saw a butterfly hovering over a flower. there was even an owl swooping through the woods. I enjoyed my walk in the woods.

walk in the woods 4

In the woods I see … by John

I saw a shadow on the road. I saw a big bird fly by.

Year 6 have used the ‘100 Word Challenge’ format to write a narrative about London.

Shrek’s day out – Lily Year 6

One beautiful morning Shrek went for a day out, on his own. He was going to London. He took the underground to St. Pancras, but he was fed up with the underground. So he decided to have a very long walk to Tower Bridge. Finally, when he got to the Tower Bridge, he was so excited that he took lots and lots of pictures.

Suddenly, when he was on the bridge, it started to go upwards. He was screaming like a girl. The boat clipped him on his jumper and Shrek fell into the boat. He broke his leg, arm and his collar bone and that’s why there is a ‘Shrek Forever After’. (Do you know the film?)

Humpty’s first trip to London – By Joseph Year 6  

“My first trip to London!” said Humpty Dumpty. While in the car, Humpty sees Albert Bridge. Humpty drives over to Albert Bridge.

Dumpty takes a nice, long, chillaxed stroll across Albert Bridge. Although he spies out of the corner of his eyes, Tower Bridge, he was amazed.

As he was looking at the sheer beauty, he saw the middle of the bridge open. Humpty then shouted “I have to try that!!!” Of course Humpty was there, and the Bridge opened. His shell cracked and he shrieked “HELP!” But no one helped him or ever will …

 The seven dwarfs – By Francesca Year 6

           Once a long time ago there were seven dwarfs. They lived with a young lady called Snow White. She was so happy that the seven dwarfs let her stay at their home and have fresh food and water she booked them tickets to go to London.

            That day the dwarfs were ready to go they were all packed up ready for the amazing trip to London!

            When they got there the first place they went to was the cake shops. They ate all of the cakes in the whole of London so after that they all just chilled out on the side of Tower Bridge just eating the rest of their cake BUT sleepy got very sleepy. He leaned over the side of the bridge and … SPLASH! He fell in! The other dwarfs went to see if he was OK – BUT…   

Bob saves the Queen – Alisha Year 6

Bob the cat was walking on Tower Bridge to see the Queen. He was half way there, when suddenly there was a scream!   It was the Queen.  Bob raced to see, the Queen was hanging from Tower Bridge!

“Help, help!” she cried. The Queen’s men tried to help her but they couldn’t. The Queen fell into the River Thames. Bob jumped in and saved the Queen.

The Queen said thankfully, “Thank you, little cat. I could have died if it wasn’t for you” Bob the cat was given a prize but what will Bob do next?

Tangle – Niamh Year 6

As Rapunzel was fighting the witch, she got a text from the Queen to ask if she could have dinner. But the witch broke the phone before she could reply to her. So Rapunzel did the worst thing she could do, which was to make the witch look beautiful. Then the witch died from beautifulness. So Flynn and Rapunzel went to live in Big Ben. But before they left, they had a party.

A couple of years later, they had 5 children. Their names were Tommy, Ben named after Big Ben, Rose, Abby and Rocks because he likes rocks. And every hour food would fall from the sky. But Rapunzel was tired of Flynn so she dumped him. And Flynn was so sad he never came out of Big Ben again. Some people say they can still hear him crying. While that was happening Rapunzel married Humpty Dumpty. And that is the end or is it?

Frozen – Evan Year 6

           Once upon a time there lived a girl named Anna. She was known for wanting to explore but she explored so much she found trolls made out of rock. There was a human with the trolls.

They said, “He, the human, was family!” The human was called Chris or Christozpf. He noticed she was ill, because when Anna was a little girl, her sister Elsa zapped Anna with Elsa’s magic powers. It was starting to kick in, so Chris said, “I know someone who could help”.

So they took off to St. Thomas Hospital in London but, on the way, there were wolves. Sven, the reindeer, who was an attached to the sleigh, ran as fast as he could and finally they got rid of the wolves.

When Anna said I think…” and then ‘poof’ she was gone. She fell off the sleigh and, as quick as a flash, Chris was on the phone to the Queen saying, “I need all the beefeaters – you’ve got to come and find my friend. So they all came but the Queen was dressed up in a beefeater’s outfit looking for Anna but did they find her. But that is another tale to tell.


WC 2014

Have you ever thought of being at the World Cup 2014? We are fans in Brazil!

Being a fan at the World Cup 2014 – Evan

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a very spectacular football player, was about to take a penalty against France. Hugo Lloris is also a very good goalkeeper and he might just save it. So, as Ronaldo placed the football on the penalty spot, he took five steps back. The crowd cheered and then Ronaldo sprinted to take a shot on goal and SCORED. It was an absolute belter in the top corner!

Being a fan at the World Cup 2014 – Niamh

When I first arrived, I could see the players dancing and the fans cheering.

At half time, you could hear chanting as the fans were supporting their teams. You could see the beautiful kit colours.

Near the end of the match, you could feel the tension was growing and see the best team work ever. It was really the best match ever!

Being a fan at the World Cup 2014 – Lily

When I arrived at Rio de Janeiro, I was shocked by what I saw.

I saw loads of fans everywhere I went and it felt quite nerve-wracking.

When the game had begun and our country scored a goal, the crowd was full of celebration.

FB Coveritlive Session:


Questions for a World Cup Star:


Class 3 Blog Enrico Empery’s New Clothes

Enrico Empery

Enrico’s New Kit by Charlie P
Enrico Empery was rich and a show off and he was very good at football and he liked clothes. Frankie Follow was very jealous because he wants to as be as good as Enrico. But Frankie Foulo wanted to play a trick on Enrico so he thought I am going to make him wear a invisible kit for the final. So I will be the best BUT sass the mascot was not having it for the final. So when it was time to walk out on the pitch Sass made Frankie Foulo wear the kit and the fans laughed at him.

Enrico’s New Kit by Chelsea
There was a man called Enrico who loved new clothes as well as playing football. Frankie Foulo was so Jealous of Enrico because he is a big headed show off with a necklace and a bracelet and smart new clothes. But Frankie Foulo was jealous of the emperor so he gave him a box with an invisible new kit in it. The mascot – Sass heard about the new kit, but when Sass went to see the new kit she knew it was a trick. So sass told Frankie Foulo to wear the kit so Frankie Foulo was the one who wore the kit and played half naked.

Enrico New Kit by Emma
Enrico was a show off and he was a footballer and posh as a king. Frankie Foulo was jealous of Enrico so he played a trick on Enrico with an invisible kit. Enrico’s team was in the final and Enrico said I need a new kit so he asked all the designers in the world but they weren’t right. Frankie Foulo gave Enrico the invisible kit. Sass was not being tricked “why don’t you wear it?” said Sass, Frankie said “ok” so Frankie went on the pitch naked!

Enrico Empery! by George
Enrico Empery is a big headed footballer and a show-off.
Frankie Foulo is another footballer and is jealous and he play tricks on Enrico.
Sass the mascot is a little girl and she makes Frankie Foulo to put on the invisible kit.
Frankie Foulo goes on the pitch naked Sass givs Frankie Foulo the flag to wear. Enrico Empery said “com on Frankie Foulo we have a match to win!”

Enrico’s new kit by Jack
Enrico Empery was a footballer a show off who loved fashion clothes that were expensive. Frankie Foulo was jealous of Enrico he played a trick for buying him a invisible kit. Frankie thinks Enrico is so gullibe that he will wear the kit. Sass gets Frankie to run on the pitch naked. Enrico kicked the ball then the game was on and Frankie hid behind the goal post and Sass said wear the flag.

Enrico! by Letaya
Enrico was a footballer, he was posh and a big headed.
Frankie Foulo is jealous of Enrico and then he played a tricked on him.
Frankie Foulo gave him a present & it was an Invisidel football kit.
Enrico said You where the kit & he was more jealous in front of all the crowd .
And the little girl was nice and gived him a cuver then Enrico and Frankie Foulo was friends and played the game niclea in the end!!!!

Football Time – Enrico’s New Kit by Mark
Enrico the emperor was a fat show off and a big, big head he loved clothes especially sparkley, gorgeous ones. Frankie Faoulo was jealous and a big head a tricker and not a fair man. Frankie Foulo was so so jealous and nasty that Frankie tried to trick Enrico by giving him invsible clothes. Sass was not fooled she told Frankie to swap with Enrico all the crowd laughed at him Sass gave him a Bootsville United flag to wear. Enrico and Frankie played football together.

Football by Ruby
Enrico was a posh, rich footballer and a bit of a show off and liked clothes nearly as much as football, he played for Bootsville United. Then Frankie Foulo played a trick on Enrico because he was jealous of him.
Frankie Foulo was not fair he gave Enrico a invisible kit. Sass was a mascot in Bootsville United and she made Frankie Foulo wear the invisible kit. Frankie Foulo, red as a rhubarb, hid behind the goal post because all the fans were laughing at him.

Football Manor by Ryan
Enrico was a really good footballer and he loved clothes nearly more than football, designers from all over the world made clothes for him. Frankie brought a present then Enrico opened the present there was nothing in it “It’s an invisible kit only the top players can see it” said Frankie. It was the day of the Match and Enrico was wearing his new kit, Sass their team mascot needed to put a stop to it “I bet Frankie had a kit like that “said Sass. Then Frankie ended up in the invisible kit when Frankie went on pitch he hid behind a goal post and blushed. Sass found him a flag, Enrico said “Come on mate we have a game to win” the game was on.

Enrico’s new kit by Sean
Enrico Empery was a big headed, posh, trick able, good footballer and LOVED CLOTHES.
Frankie Foulo was a cruel footballer who loved playing tricks on Enrico Empery
Frankie made an “invisible” new kit!
Sass made Frankie wear the new kit in the match!
Frankie hid behind the goal post while blushing red as a beetroot but Sass found a flag for Frankie to wear.
THE GAME WAS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enrico new kit by Sophie
Enrico the Empery was a big head, a rich man and good at football. Frankie Foulo was jealous he played a trick on Enrico with an invisible kit. Sass the team mascot said to Enrico why don’t you swop with Frankie Foulo. Then Frankie Foulo & Enrico went on to the pitch and when Frankie Foulo go on to the pitch he wet red as a strawberry. The fans saw Frankie Foulo so all the fans were laughing.

Enrico’s new kit by Tarley
Enrico Empery was a show off and big headed he wore expensive posh clothes because he was rich.
Frankie Foulo was jealous of Enrico he knew he was as good as him so he played a trick.
Frankie thought Enrico was so gullible that he would wear the invisible kit. Sass the team mascot said Frankie Foulo should wear it.
Frankie Foulo was embarrassed then Sass gave him a flag to wear.

Enrico’s New Kit by Tyler
Enrico Empery was a big headed show off and he was a Famous footballer.
Frankie Foulo was a footballer and jealous and crafty as a fox. Frankie buys Enrico an invisible kit, he puts it on. Sass was the mascot and she had an idea she said Frankie should put it on.
Everybody was laughing at Frankie so Sass gave him a flag to wrap around him. The game was on.

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  1. I really miss everybody at Friday Bridge Primary. I am really enjoying myself at Marshland High but it isn’t the same as what it is at Friday Bridge. Send my best wishes to Charlotte T, Emma T, Bethany Hewitt, Charley Branch and Karlie Plesance.
    From Katie Duncan
    PS: Dear Mr Hales
    I have met loads of people that used to go to Marshland St James including Megan Hancock, Angel Edwards and Adam Bartram (Adam is sadly in my form)

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